A “media-based” invasion

Cracking Art’s colourful invasion of Mondadori’s offices has stimulated the interest of the Italian press. There have been many articles about the wolves, meerkats, snails, swallows and frogs roaming Palazzo Niemeyer at the moment!

Cracking Art

Cracking Art, a group of artists known for over twenty years for installation in the world of giant animals and colorful plastic regenerable, Niemeyer chose Palace, headquarters of the Mondadori Group, as the scene of a spectacular collective installation of their works . Through this initiative - launched by Mondadori Portfolio, photo agency of Mondadori, partners Cracking Art - Palazzo Niemeyer will be enriched with more than 280 works of art depicting giant wolves, frogs, snails, meerkats and swallows.

Shooting event with Cracking Art

Mondadori Portfolio has set up a photo shoot in the square where you can be photographed with the animals of the Cracking Art. You have participated in the shooting and you were photographed? Here you will find your photo along with your favorite animal


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